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Managing Architect, Central Design Authority


I managed nineteen Solution Architects responsible for the definition of end-to-end solutions for all Orange UK projects - circa 120 per year. I gained a strong knowledge of enterprise architecture planning issues across IT, VAS and network domains within a challenging and fast changing market.

  • One of the managers responsible for the creation of the Central Design Authority from scratch, building the relationships with the wider business and IT communities, FT Group, as well as the creation of target architectures and working practices.  

  • Responsible for approving for all project designs and their required financial investment

  • Inventor of a number of innovative design tools - 'Design Passport' and 'Project Radar'

  • Co-ordination of project designs to ensure re-use, establishment of common components and services (SOA), and ensuring functional boundaries adhered to and proven infrastructure and hardware configurations used (encapsulated in the ‘Solutions Cookbook’).

  • Fostered strong collaborative working with the wider design and project communities

  • Led Orange SA EAI Working Group, participated in CRM Working Group